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Practically Encouraging, Passionately Equipping and Purposely Empowering 

Welcome to Empowering Women Hawaii & International, a transformative community dedicated to uplifting women and fostering their growth on a global scale. At the heart of our ministry lies a steadfast commitment to practically encourage, passionately equip, and purposefully empower women to fulfill their divine potential.

Our Mission: Empowering Women Hawaii & International is driven by a profound mission – to create an environment where women are not only encouraged but are also equipped with the tools and resources necessary to embrace their unique capabilities. We believe that every woman possesses untapped potential, and our goal is to unlock and amplify the extraordinary talents and abilities that lie within for the glory of God.

Practical Encouragement: We recognize the power of encouragement in building resilience and fostering self-belief. Our community strives to provide practical support and motivation, creating a space where women feel valued and empowered to face life's challenges head-on. Through mentorship, workshops, and monthly community events, we aim to instill a sense of confidence that propels women toward their goals.

Passionate Equipping: At Empowering Women Hawaii & International, we are dedicated to equipping women with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for personal and professional success. Our passion for education and skill development drives a diverse range of programs, workshops, and leadership training aimed at honing leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills and fostering personal growth.

Purposeful Empowerment: We believe in purposeful empowerment that goes beyond surface-level achievements. Our focus is on helping women discover their unique purpose and encouraging them to live a life aligned with their true calling. By fostering a sense of purpose, we provide spaces and initiatives to empower women to make meaningful contributions to their communities, workplaces, and the world.

Rooted in Faith: Central to our mission is the Christian biblical belief that every woman is fearfully and wonderfully made. We draw inspiration from a foundation rooted in God's Word, recognizing the intrinsic value and purpose imbued in each individual. Our approach embraces diversity, inclusivity, and the understanding that women of all backgrounds can find strength in their unique journeys.

Join us at Empowering Women Hawaii & International, where we are not just a ministry; we are a supportive community committed to the holistic empowerment of women. Together, let's embark on a journey of growth, purpose, and collective empowerment as we celebrate the incredible potential within every woman.

About Dr. Arlene


Arlene is a multifaceted individual, blending the role of author, conference speaker, former senior pastor, certified leadership coach, and founder and executive director of Empowering Women Hawaii. Arlene holds a Doctorate in Ministry with cognate in Theology and Apologetics, showcasing her commitment to scholarly pursuits and a profound understanding of theological principles. Additionally, she possesses a Master’s in Strategic Leadership, emphasizing her strategic vision and leadership acumen. With a vision rooted in empowerment, transformation, strategic thinking, and leadership development, Arlene's mission is to inspire women to overcome challenges, embrace their strengths, and live purposeful lives. Known for her warmth and approachability, Arlene values meaningful connections and believes in creating spaces where women feel heard, supported, and empowered to become their best version.

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